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Disco Kool back on the scene!

Disco Kool are dj’s and producers Alfred Azzetto and Glenn Loopez. The music they create is a true representation of their mutual love & understanding for Nu Disco or Nu-House which is a 21st-century Dance Music genre associated with a renewed interest in 1970s and early 1980s disco, mid-1980s Italo disco, and the synthesizer-heavy Euro Disco and P-Funk aesthetics.
Disco Kool releases are 3 weeks exclusive on Traxsource before they hit other stores and streaming services. With growing momentum among dj’s and house lovers on a global basis the future looks bright for Disco Kool and their particular brand of Nu House. Disco Kool are currently signed to the Italian label miniMarket recordings.


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For streaming try Spotify or Tidal. If you are a DJ and need to download our tracks for your gigs we encourage you to buy them on Traxsource.

Disco Kool back on the scene - Go check out our music now!

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